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One to higher level solution to benefit from the local oysters is actually a beneficial miso and you can oyster nabe named “kaki no dotenabe”

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One to higher level solution to benefit from the local oysters is actually a beneficial miso and you can oyster nabe named “kaki no dotenabe”

Japan hot-pot layout called kimchi nabe is based towards Korean pan kimchi jjigae, a beneficial stew made out of kimchi, chicken otherwise fish, tofu, and you may create. It shot to popularity when you look at the The japanese adopting the “Korean boom” whenever Korean dramas had been starred to your Japanese tv, and you may people during the The japanese watched emails on tv dinner the newest dish. Yet not due to the fact hot because the kimchi jjigae, kimchi nabe enjoys comparable ingredients such as for instance chicken belly, tofu, scallions, and you will bean sprouts inside good kimchi-oriented broth.


Oysters is a greatest fish device of the Seto Inland Ocean, and Hiroshima prefecture, hence boundaries in it, ‘s the leading manufacturer out-of oysters from inside the Japan. Heavy, juicy Hiroshima oysters try simmered that have broiled tofu and you can produce during the a keen earthenware pot layered that have sweet miso, that will be added to this new broth in addition to fresh squeezed orange to modify the taste.

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